1064° Goldsmiths Guild-visible, tangible, figurative, abstract and transcendental

1064°( melting point of gold) Goldsmiths’ Guild is a team of  jewellers, art historians, stylists, industrial and graphic designers, contemporary artists and architects who are captivated by Russian culture.

The team describes its activities as “selected questions, thoughts and stories about the figurative, abstract and transcendental embodied in the form of jewelry and other images.” And, of course, you can’t deny that 1064 ° Goldsmiths’ Guild jewellery is something more than just entertaining and memorable. All items are made by hand, which gives them great value and good energy.




St Cyril's Majuscules is a collection inspired by painted capital letters in Russian ecclesiastical manuscripts of the 14th-16th century. These objects were made by handcrafts of ancient Russian city of Rostov
Selected combination of gold, black and exotic animals


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