11th Sept is the day of Soviet faceted glass

Faceted glass is one of the iconic symbols of Soviet life. It was born on 11th Sept, 1943.

The design of faceted glass is created by the Soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina the author of the monumental composition “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman“. Mukhina developed form of the glass specially for the Soviet public catering.

Personally I adore Soviet design which was simple and elegant

And what can we learn today from the Soviet design?

These are  not just some cute retro items, but a  the result of systematical, functional, aesthetic and humanistic approach in design engineering.

The Soviet design was not only interesting but also practical. For example, because of the smooth ring going in circle it was extremely durable and easy to wash in dishwasher. Therefore, it was used extensively in street beverages  atomats.

98574455-R3L8T8D-575-Glass02Photos: www.adme.ru


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