A la Russe Anastasia Romantsova Collection S/S 2013

A la Russe Collection S/S 2013 is a  tribute to Anastasia’s youth spent on the South of Russia, in Krasnodar.

The Collection is devoted to to the major Russian symbols – ear, grain, bread, and field, being the strongest charms, the symbols of life, well-being, prosperity, success.


The Heroine of the Collection is a Country Lady with a la Russe touch. Southern  sun caresses her, aroma of ripe wheat intoxicates her. And she suddenly realises that wealth is in freedom, that life is happiness, that beauty is nature. She fathoms the essence of the word Country Lady while being an exquisite aristocrat she feels and radiates natural femininity, stirring sexuality, and earthly passion with no trace of shame. This new awareness of herself from now on will assist her in the whirling high life of a city.


Prints created for the  A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova Collection stress the deep symbolism of the theme. Ears stand for well-being, prosperity, wild flowers – for primordial beauty, and lace on fabric – for man-made beauty.


Woven clutches and boxes carry us away to the countryside, elegant fasteners – to aristocratic origin;

Silk sandals of cornflower blue and wheat colours remind us of a field, while sumptuous buckles, a classic narrow nose and a low heel – of wonderful balls;

Wooden accessories – tiaras with ears like crowns and sunglasses – accentuate the reserved and intellectual image.


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