Alexander Terekhov/made with taste/FW 2014-2015

The place for collection presentation was not chosen by chance.  Hotel National is a unique Russian historical and cultural monument that stands apart from Moscow’s other hotels.

But in the presented collection the hotel is the reference to the cult 90s hangout for the prostitutes with their customers-members of criminal gangs.

It was hard to resist drawing parallels with scenes from “Sacred Book of the Werewolf by Victor Pelevin.

Girls with tanned“, thanks to an abundance of cosmetic, sculptured faces and gorgeous back-combings paced one after another in dresses with leopard prints, mink fur coats of neon colors.

I love it!!! Love the presentation, the concept, the hairstyles, the accessories. Would love to see women in such pieces walking along the Moscow city!

Collection is a new look of the Russian designer at basic pieces feminine dresses with prints are really great!


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