Andrée Putman design

Andrée Putman design

Maybe you don’t know who Andrée Putman is, but definitely you have heard about her creations as this Parisian, born in 1925, is one of the contemporary world’s leading interior designers.

What about the Le Concorde interior design or Paris boutique of Yves Saint Laurent?

Maybe you have also seen the Christofle collection of silver or Louis Vuitton Steamer bag installation?

Now her design became more accessible-together with her daughter Olivia she created Ritual Collection porcelain sets for Nespresso.


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Louis Vuitton Steamer bag installation

Christofle collection of silver

Set of 2 Cappuccino cups and saucers in porcelain (170 ml)

Set of 4 recipe glasses in tempered glass (350 ml)

Sugar holder in porcelain for sugar sticks (15 cm x 7.5 cm)

Set of 6 Spoons in Stainless Steel for Ritual Recipe Glasses (19.7 cm)