Aromatherapy/Citrus essential oils

Citrus essential oils have bright, fresh and uplifting aromas.

Some of the therapeutic properties of citrus oils are antidepressant, antiseptic, lymphatic stimulant, tonic and anti-infectious.

NB! Should not be used on skin that will be exposed to sunlight, as it will make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation.

Here is the list with basic description of my favorites:

Bitter Orange Essential Oil 

(Citrus aurantium )

Made of Citrus Rind


Color: Yellowish Orange to Greenish Orange


Perfumery Note: Top

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

(Citrus sinensis)

Made of Citrus Rind


Color: Greenish Orange


Perfumery Note: Top

NB! Orange may be more calming because of it’s sweetness – whereas Lemon may be more stimulating.

Orange gives pleasant feeling of joy!

Lemon Essential Oil

(Citrus limon)

Made of Citrus Rind (Peel)


Color: Pale Yellow to Deep Yellow


Perfumery Note: Top

Lemon essential oil helps to lift the spirit with its amazingly fresh, clean, zesty aroma. It is a powerful antibacterial and may stimulate production of white blood cells in the body. Lemon essential oil is also used to improve concentration and memory – studies have shown improved test scores when lemon has been diffused during study.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Citrus paradisi

Made of Citrus Rind (Peel)


Color: Pale Yellow – Yellow


Perfumery Note: Top

The premier oil for smoothing cellulite, grapefruit oil is thought to break down fats in the body. It is an astringent, useful for acne, and is cooling, cleansing, and decongestive, and can be beneficial for an overheated liver and sluggish lymph system.

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