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Everything has a scent in Iceland’s paintor Andrea Maack creations as with her every new collection, Andrea launches a new fragrance.

For example, Coal is based on one of Maacks original drawings made with black coal. It captures the feeling of creating this piece, the smudge on the fingertips, the coal falling down the white paper as the hand moves creating a pattern and the broken pieces at the bottom of the page. This fragrance was created with perfumer Richard Ibanez.

He tried to give us the smell and the atmosphere of an artists’ studio when the artist is using black coal.

Therefore he composed with dark and warm raw materials (like everlasting, leather, patchouli, papyrus) and fresh and vibrating ones (like black pepper, pink pepper, shiso) in order to show the warm / cold contrast that the black coal can have.

Feels like a fuming bonfire of incense. Embracing and thick like a worn out leather jacket found in a spice shop. Dusty and smudgy. A myriad and marble like construction of darkness; violet, black and brown.


Andrea Maack, photo:
Andrea Maack, photo:



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