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Design is an art and tableware is a very important thing in life. We get emotionally attached to the things surrounding us and the interior becomes an extension of the personality.

Usually an interior’s idea doesn’t commence with the tableware, but sometimes it turns the starting-point for the new interior. The shape of the teapot suggests the architecture of space and some extremely impressive figure on the cup sets the theme for the décor.

If you follow GI then you already know that many famous designers nowadays take the the creation of teapots, pitchers, decanters, plates, cups, wine glasses, spoons, forks, knives with no less interest than the design of cabinets and cars.

Of course, not each tableware item has the “charismatic” features.

This post is about the tableware that sets the pitch!

The “charismatic” tableware can be found in the collections of the oldest companies and manufactures who respect the traditions and go with the times.

Bernardaud is one of them!

Since 1863 it is a leading manufacturer of Limoges porcelain.

Bernardaud collections are extremely various – from classical to avant-garde-they offer a fascinating choice of creative designs and elegant shapes.

Well-known artists and designers, including Roy Lichtenstein, César, and Kees van Dongen, or Olivier Gagnère and Hervé van der Straeten are regularly commissioned by the company to produce new creations. Combination of talent, enthusiasm, strong concept, and collective creativity has created the new ways of porcelain production. This is the result of the of artists and craftsmen union.

Bernardaud porcelain is supplied to many royal houses of Europe and can be found in the most luxurious hotels of the world-Ritz, Carlton, Four Seasons, Hotel Costes etc.

Bernardaud Galerie Royale, Bernardaud Fusion and Bernardaud Louvre dinner services are now among the most popular dinner services worldwide.

GI favorite is a new collection Anaïs named after the Goddess of Love!

We do Love it!



Anaïs teapot (boule shape)
Anaïs coupe salad plate


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