Bar Tausend – Sophisticated Boredom – or what a difference a day makes?

Location / Design

One of these typical Berlin bars not to be recognzed from the outside. Interior design can be characterized as “hotel sophisticated” (in contrast to the once hip “dump in the garbage” bars in the city.


Door apparently among the toughest in Berlin and arguably completely random, ie no single outfit guarantees access. GI went on a very slow Wednesday and had no trouble getting in (as if that ever were a problem for a Global Insiders!!). Crowd exuded “sophisticated boredom” – initially 90% guys but that improved a bit over time.


The restaurant in the quiter half of the place offers “cool simplistic” food at elevated price. Menu ranges from Sashimi to NY Steak. Usually two rounds for reservations (pre/post 10pm). Definitely a big plus for the place.


Champagne selection decent and luckily also a little bit exotic (like Bollinger Rose). Cocktails? – who cares? – champagne rules!!

Overall Rating

Set-up, design, concept definitely sophisticated but needs to be visited another time for final verdict. Room without people does not do it!




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