Beautiful Russian cinema

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I want to share with you a new hobby of mine-beautiful Russian cinema. Here I list the movies that are not always the most loved by the public or the most exciting and profound, but they are so highly artistic that you can just watch them as you look at the beautiful painting without delving into the plot.

1. Hamlet, 1964. Grigori Kozintsev, USSR.

Russian version of Hamlet is the most sinister, the most impressive and the most beautiful of all I have seen. Innokenty Smoktunovsky is unbelievably beautiful as Prince Hamlet!

2. My Affectionate and Tender Beast, 1978. Emil Loteanu, USSR.

I remember how I first saw this movie at the resort’s cinema. I even remember the smell in the room-the smell of the hotel cinema. I was about 10. I still revert to this movie time to time to enjoy its’ marvelous music and admire the beauty of young Galya Belyayeva.

3. Sevant of the Love, 1975. Nikita Mikhalkov, USSR.

The movie is based on the idea of interpreting Vera Kholodnaya’s life (the first star of Russian silent cinema). Due to her early death at 25, Vera Kholodnaya has acted only for 4 years, nevertheless she is considered the first Russian movie star and the cult figure of the Silver Age. She was tender mother and caring wife, but in the history of Russian cinema she is famous as the Servant of Love.

Vera Kholodnaya, photo is taken from

4. Mania of Giselle, 1996. Aleksei Uchitel, Russia.

Russian’s answer to “Black Swan”. Beautiful movie about a ballerina Spessivtseva who have spent two thirds of her long life in a mental asylum. Okhlobystin who plays Serge Lifar in the movie is so elegant.

The dramatic and beautiful image of the ballerina entered in the history of Russian ballet as an example of helplessness and vulnerability of the talent before the tragic circumstances.

Enough for today 🙂 Will write you about the others I have on my mind  tomorrow.


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