Becoming English rose with Burberry’s make up line

Becoming English rose with Burberry’s make up line

The British fashion label Burberry launched their own make up line.

It started because the Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey felt that, at shows and the shoots, the whole attitude is epitomized through the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the accessories, but then the face was the one thing he really struggled with. When they were doing make-up, it felt like they weren’t able to get the right attitude, just the wrong colors, the wrong tones, the wrong spirit for make-up.

And of course, Bailey’s inspiration was the classic and wearable trench coat and he wanted the make-up to convey the same easy attitude.“Like the trench coat, it can be worn anywhere and at any time. Christopher wanted it to be this kind of effortless elegance.

The line includes sheer foundation, blush, pressed powder, bronzer, liquid foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick and mascara. The products will be a permanent fixture and the line will expand as and when.

The beauty line-up features Lily Donaldson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nina Porter and all shot by Mario Testino.


Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation