Best Russian movies ever

1. The Dawns Here Are Quiet (1972)

Soviet film directed by Stanislav Rostotsky based on Boris Vasilyev’s novel of the same name. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

2. Andrei Rublev (1971)

Film by Andrei Tarkovsky.

3. Assa (1987) 

It became a cult film,mostly thanks to the fact that it was one of the films that brought Russian rock music from the underground into the mainstream.

4. Ballad of a Soldier (1959)

The two lead actors, Ivashov and Prokhorenko, were both only nineteen years old and did not have much acting experience. Grigori Chukhrai commented of his casting choice:

We took a big risk. It was risky to give the main roles to quite inexperienced actors. Not many would have done so in those times, but we ventured and did not regret afterwards. Volodya and Zhanna gave the most precious colouring to the film, that is, the spontaneity and charm of youth

5. White Sun of the Desert (1970)

The film is one of the most popular Russian films of all time. Its blend of action, comedy, music and drama, as well as memorable quotes, has made it wildly successful, and it has since achieved the status of a top cult film in Soviet and Russian culture.



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