Bitter Campari

Label of Campari Bitter limited edition is decorated by the work of contemporary Italian artist Ugo Nespolo. It’s an interpretation of Spiritello ad poster of 1921.

Interesting facts

In 1861 Kaspar Campari in Milan prepared a magnificent Campari Bitter Aperitif by his secret recipe. Now worldwide popular and loved aperitif is incomparable in its pure kind and as a basis for cocktails.

Campari Bitter is made ​​by maceration: soaking herbs, aromatic plants, and fruit in alcohol, afterwards liquor is filtered and softened by water. It is believed that the drink has its roots in antiquity, where a mixture of wine with a bitter taste were used to treat diseases.

The taste

Aperitif has a special spicy bitter-sweet taste

The Colour



The aperitif has a harmonious aroma of meadow herbs and fruits


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