Blumarine Home Collection 2011

Contemporary, stylish and appealing are the adjectives that describe the Blumarine woman and home.

Blumarine home collection combines luxury, quality and the design.

The furniture collection’s (chairs, sofas, tables and beds with Blumarine women collection’s prints) luxurious and natural fabrics such as silk, velvet, linen, cotton and cachmire are used to upholster chairs and sofas with soft and curvy shapes.

In the home textiles collection enduring femininity is the common denominator of the fabrics with covers and quilts in satin, sheets with embroidered tulle and macramé appliqués, à-jour edging, romantic flowers prints on percale and watered velvet lit, details of Swarovski crystals. Towelling complements: solid colours lead the collection embellished by Swarovski crystal décor lights and embroideries.

The tableware and furnishing accessories (photo-frames, boxes, vide-poches, vases, lamps and candles) come in special materials: fine bone china, porcelain, crystal and glass for unusual style combinations and an exclusive design of the lines and decorations for appealing effects with a lustrous shine focused on flowery and spotted patterns in bright colours or in sophisticated monochromatic set.




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