Bohemian Bohéme, and pompous Steirereck restaurants in Vienna

It is said that if Rodolfo and other Puccini opera  “La Boheme” personages lived  in Vienna instead of Paris the restaurant Bohéme would be their favorite.  Restaurant is located in 18th century building and surrounded by boutiques in bohemian-luxury Spittelberg downtown.  It offers magnificent dishes and pleasant atmosphere and all this in the background of the opera music. Even the menu doesn’t contain just appetizers or main dishes, but overtures (apéritifes), prologues (appetizers) and first and second acts (soups and main dishes).

If you gourmet tastes doesn’t agree to another except for the best then you should go to the best restaurant in Austria or as the locals say, the culinary temple, Restaurant Steirereck.

The restaurant is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Vienna, namely in the middle of the Viennese City Park with stunning views of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Steirereck is much more than just a luxury restaurant, their own dairy farm Meierei that boasts 150 different kinds of cheese. There is a selection of delicious pastries, fresh strudel and a variety of traditional Viennese dishes.

The restaurant was voted 30th best in the world in Restaurant (magazine) Top 50 2009.




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