Bono restaurant, Moscow

Bono restaurant is located on the 29th and 30th floors of the renovated hotel Radisson Royal Ukraine. This makes Bono very attractive place for the people who are looking for the beautiful Moscow panoramas. Unfortunately this unique view is not available for all tables. Corner tables for two “suggest” that you are only interested in your vis-√†-vis. The panorama is closed by the by the building facade.

The interior of the restaurant is represented by the mixture of different epochs, styles and countries: the historical Stalin’s architecture details are combined with modern coziness.

The cookhouse is represented by the Italian classics. The Bono restaurant’s chef William Lamberti represents Italian cuisine with “from Italy with love” credo. Among the traditional¬† dishes you are alsooffered¬† Bollito Misto – a set of boiled meat, very rarely met dish even among Moscow Italian restaurants.

In general, GI team would recommend this restaurant for family and friendly meetings.

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospekt 2/1




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