Book/Fedra-the story of destroying passion

The story is as old as the world. It is written a lot of books on that topic). Stepmother inflamed with love for her stepson. On one hand, it’s time to settle down and enjoy life with the man, who loves and adores his young lovely darling, he’s very good and she has the prospect of stability in a boring  “right” marriage, and on the other side- sensual flesh, the taste the of the forbidden lust.
The struggle of the concious mind and the subconscious mind … Ancient Greek tragedy “Fedra” is a strong work … but at that time such story couldn’t terminate with  happy end…
It is a complicated story. Always with the contradictions -whatever you choose, you will be mistaken.

Worth reading!

Photo: Phèdre (Phaedra) by Alexandre Cabanel,



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