Champagne instead of boring detox drink!

Bliss has spa locations throughout the entire world and now we can relax at 360-square-meters Bliss in St Petersburg’s spectacular W hotel! All New York models adore Bliss SPA. Designers also don’t pass by. GI immediately booked a time to find out what fashion community loves so much about it. Now we can let this secret out to you, dear followers. In a room where I had to wait for my beautician I found a nice sofa, latest fashion magazines and…superior cold champagne!!! Not that I needed it at 11 am, but the approach was right ))). I got it: While most of the  Spas GI know are about detox procedures, Bliss is the place for young, active people without prejudices.  Bliss helps to escape from too serious attitude to life and yourself…And what else does the fashion world need? Except the sip of cold champagne, of course…)))




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