Chez Bertold – Air Baltic Business Class excels

Whereas Bertold Flick, CEO of Air Baltic, is certainly a rather controversial business man he is getting his product right. The leading airline in the Baltics is making money, increasing routes and has made Riga a travel hub other cities in the region just dream about. GI has been recently flying business class with Air Baltic a few times and was, simply put, simply amazed. Not yet popular with the crowds we had space plentiful and the food served was absolutely gorgeous. Air Baltic does not try to create fancy stuff but rather serves solid dishes in outstanding quality and freshness. On one flight I had basic grilled chicken with vegetables – which sounds like the worst of airline plastic food – but it was actually mouth-watering: cooked “à point” and perfectly seasoned. The seafood starter arrangement was equally outstanding. An amazing plum pie served in a bowl rounded up an absolutely pleasant experience. Highly recommended.




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