Coco Noir

After visiting Venice in 1920, Miss Chanel was so inspired by the mix of European elegance and Byzantine luxury that this undoubtedly influenced her new collection-dresses¬†embroidered with golden,¬†baroque jewelry amazed everyone who recognized Chanel’s style by black, strict dresses and classic suits.

Her mood was caught by Chanel’s fashion house perfumers. In their new creation Coco Noir oriental notes are not felt stuffy or heavily, but contemporary and freshly.

Coco Noir composition

Grapefruit note
Calabrian Bergamot
Essence and Absolute of Rose
Absolute of Jasmine
Narcissus Note
Rose Geranium Leaf
Brazilian and Venezuelan Tonka Bean
Indonesian Patchouli
New Caledonian Sandalwood
Bourbon Vanilla
White Musk Frankincense

Description of the fragrance is taken from


Coco Chanel in Venice


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