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What? “Authorized for Export from the USSR…” Moscow nonconformist art from the collections of Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin and private owners”

When? 22  June 2011–  2  October 2011

Where? The Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”

GI comment: The exhibition is dedicated to one of the most interesting phenomena in the artistic life of Soviet Moscow that emerged in mid-1950s with the advent of the Khruches’ Thaw. The Moscow nonconformist art (for the fine art experts and critics also known as “second avant-garde”, “other art” or “underground art”) has become a socio-artistic trend that brought together a wide range of artists, who often had diametrically opposite creative credos. The exhibition will demonstrate about one hundred and fifty artworks: paintings and graphics. The main part of the exposition includes artworks from Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin’s collection. Museums and private collectors are welcome to participate in the show.

What? Moscow stories. XX century. Part I.

When? 2 June 2011 – 4 September 2011

Where? Lumière Brothers Photography Centre

GI comment: More than 300 of archival Moscow photographs covering the period of 1900-1960s will tell about the past of the capital: the lifestyle of inhabitants, the changes in the architectural, and iconic historical events.



Author E. Evzerihin"Girl with a paddle" Gorky park, Moscow


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