Dans un mois dan un an

In all the novels I read by Sagan there is bitter contempt of love, betrayals, “trample” of people who love one or another character.

The heroes of her novels are just like traveling from one novel to another, they do not know how to appreciate what they have. They seemed not to notice the people who are close to them; they are always looking for impressions. And because of this they are trying to seem unhappy.
Everything is too fallaciousness in the world of Sagan. There’s no place for joy, fidelity, happiness, loyalty, family … just a solid bitterness, sadness and grief.

“Dans un mois dan un an” confuses us into endless love triangles, intrigues, cynicism.

Verdict: We adore Sagan books.

This is THAT literature, THAT style,THOSE stories…

And you are in charge of all the morality conclusions, ladies and gentlemen.




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