Dark deeds

“Every one is a moon, and has a dark side!”
Mark Twain

A darkness has always been associated with the threat . Light was associated with predictability, predictability, calmness and comfort.  Therefore, everything  associated with the life, comfort and tranquility we provisionally refer to the “light” side, and everything connected with death, fear, anguish and anxiety – to the “dark”. But life is such that there is always room for a confrontation, because darkness attracts with its mystery. Our dark side are not only negative. The dark side of the soul are incomprehensible and bottomless and something really beautiful can be born as the result of confrontation.

Saint Laurent’s black sandals strike the perfect balance between elegance and edge. We love the combination of super soft leather and gold-tone studs.
Bottega Veneta’s black leather ‘Knot’ clutch
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
Burberry Prosum

Photos: yslbeautyus.com, Anais Pouliot by Daniel for Exhibition Magazine 2 ‘The Leather Issue’01


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