Dolina Setun

Moscow’s new stylish and luxurious residential complex  «Setun Valley” is located  in a prestigious residential district in the west of Moscow.

Being located  at the intersection of Mosfilm and Minsk streets the quarter is considered as  prestigious area of ​​high status – no coincidence that  embassies and representative offices of  many countries are also there. Also nearby are the country’s leading universities – Moscow State University, Lomonosov’s Moscow State Institute, Academy of Public Administration, Academy of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and many others.

Complex has stunning panoramic views: in the foreground – valley of the river and the water surface of Setun lake, then – the lights of Poklonnaya Hill and the University. In this surrounding area is a protected nature reserve and is closed to new construction, which eliminates the possibility of changing the characteristics of the species in the future. The area is protected and closed to new construction, which eliminates the possibility of changing the characteristics of the views in the future.

The stylish architecture of the residential complex blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Bright and light buildings in smokey natural colors are completed with graceful circular galleries, repeating the shape of a neighboring district. The wide glass area of ​​the space reflects Setun Valley – while the building is designed in such a way to ensure maximum visibility from the windows of each apartment. The interiors of the residential complex designed by the author’s design project, which brilliantly combines the luxury and restrained elegance.The feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by high ceilings and panoramic windows. Soft shades of beige and gray stone effectively emphasize stylish golden decorative elements.

The lobby provides a comfortable waiting area  and a concierge reception. The area offers spectacular transport accessibility as it is located near major highways-Rublevo Uspenskoe, Novorizhskoe, Minsk and Kiev.

The ceiling height
3.1; penthouses 3.8 – 4.0
Number of apartments
Number of parking spaces
Completion on


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