Doll-a choice of your soul or the trend?

Being impressed by the Shocking dolls in Tallinn I keep introducing you the Dolls who impressed me most of all-this time I want to tell the story of Svetlana Pchelnikova’s  doll-“Choice”.

Every time breaking up a relationship with a beloved man, we think “why?” and I understand that this question has appeared with the first man on Earth-Adam.

The first woman for Adam was Lilith, who was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. She was so bright, so passionate, so indefatigable that Adam could not even think of something else- he only desired Her.

Equal to Man, Lilith was meant to inspire Adam on accomplishments, deeds and life in strong love. Two energies to multiply…

What went wrong? We don’t know…

We only know that later Adam was with the new Woman-Eve, flesh of his flesh and of his bones.

Being part of him, she was able to guess his will, she doesn’t provokes him, but only follows his way. She gives birth to his children, creates comfort. They have common house, destiny, children, strength. With the new wife, Adam can do something regular, permanent…She is a half…

But legends do not say with the confidence: now they all lived happily ever after. Because there were a  snake and an apple, and a Cain (probably, Lilith’s son), and much more, which confirms that the story with Lilith didn’t end with the arrival of Eve. And Adam had a choice. And it looks like his direct descendants have received the right to make it, not even once. But who am I now?

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