Donna Karan Ad Campaign | Fall 2012


Back to the beginning, and into the future,

Punctuating the masculine with the feminine

Empowering her unique wo-manhood,

With ease and sophistication tailored to embrace the world.

Style is in the contrasts ā€“ strong, soft; light, dark; liquid, structured.

The silhouette is sharp, shouldered and slim,

Always with a sexy flash of skin, be it the neck, shoulders or leg.

The smoky palette is an ombre of layers ā€“

Ink, Sapphire, Midnight, Charcoal, Flint; Vellum, Cinnabar and Black.

Trans-seasonal tropical wools tailor the body,

Illuminated with the peek of sheer silk underpinning.

The system is one of bold feminine haberdashery:

At the center, the cutaway jacket in stretch flat serge wool.

Suit it with creased slim trousers or a tailored leggy slashed skirt.

Or go for the motion of a sunray pleated skirt.

The day-into-evening tux is more essential and flexible than ever.

Dresses are either a cutaway coatdress or a framed asymmetrical origami.

Top it all off with a leather bomber, a moleskin reefer or viscose/satin trench.

Accents speak of luxe eccentricity:

Waists are punctuated with a Bakelite belt,

An exaggerated bow or a chunky bejeweled sash.

The drama of jeweled drop earrings and portrait necklaces add edge.

While shoes are masculine gone feminine:

An oxford spectator heel or midi boot laced up the leg.

Evening is a grand finale of pure sensuality:

The asymmetrical sash-top sheath.

The origami column of spiral elegance.

And the strapless silk gown that swirls on the body.

Everything about this collection speaks

Of confidence, authority and personality.

Because thereā€™s nothing more seductive

Than a woman who takes charge.

Donna Karan


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