Epoch: 60s

Expressive and provocative fashion of 60s owes the industrial boom, the post-war growth of living standards and therefore formation a whole generation of free-thinking intellectuals.

The winning manifestation began with the slogan: “We do not want and will not look like our parents!” Young people listened to “their” music and wore “their” clothes “. World and fashion broke traditions.

In 1962, the fashion designer Mary Quant made a revolution by showing on the catwalk mini-skirt. “Good taste – it is death. Vulgarity – life “, she said. The collection was demonstrated by Twiggy.

During the 60s the astronautics science  were accompanied by major innovations in fashion. While the Soviet astronaut Jurij Gagarin completed man’s first walk in space; Futurism embraced fashion. In 1964 Andrè Courrèges launched his Space Age collection, where clothes, cut according to the strictest geometric standards, were shaped following the an avant-garde principle, thanks to the use of synthetic fibers such as PVC and metal inserts.

More than 50 years later, designers are having a nostalgia. There are numerous variations on the theme of 60s: a thick-heeled shoes and platform, ballet flats, classic low-heeled pumps, white boots and shoes, unisex, free mind.



Vogue, May 1966
Jean Shrimpton, Vogue Italia, February 1966
Photo by Guy Bourdin 1966


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