Max&Co. capsule collection of nothing but overcoats and accessories has drawn GI attention.

Coat is an indispensable component of the female wardrobe-functional and seductive, it’s a key element of the look.

Absolute, timeless, models: sophisticated, luxurious and extremely accurate in terms of finishing.

Removable decorative elements-details in fur or silk satin and jewel applications-accompany each item, distinguishing it in an eclectic manner, based on the use occasion and the personal style of the wearer.

Accents of bright color enliven the chromatic palette build around caramel or black.



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NATO A-line Coat in wool felt

NATURALE neck-warmer in rabbit fur

NASTRO dress coat in cashmere blend drap

NAUTICO gloves in nappa and rabbit fur

NATALINA duffel coat in cashmere blend drap

NAUTILUS cuffs in rabbit fur