Fairy tale in shades of Bordoo…

Once upon a time…Isn’t it a good start for a charming Medieval fairy tale?

So let’s start…

Once upon a time within the walls of Tallinn’s Old Town, on cobble stoned Pikk Street, in the famous building of The Three Sisters GI found themselves in Bordoo restaurant…

The Interior

We were the first guests in the restaurant and were able to fully appreciate its atmosphere.

Luxury and at the same time minimalist interior in shades of Bordeaux is difficult to describe even in a fairy tale, so our pictures will help you to get a better idea about it.

Details are something we like to notice and appreciate and we are sure that you pay attention to the large amount of wood, stone, and fresh flowers, decorated by the florist in minimalist compositions…Fireplace added warmth  and sparkle!


We loved restaurant’s service-its careful and tactful approach. The waiter politely and thoroughly answered all our questions, was interested in our needs and how we liked the food. Presentation of each dish was brilliant as each of it has the legend! Everything does in the old city!
We were the first guests in the restaurant and were able to fully appreciate its atmosphere.

The food

Estonia must be proud of its Chefs and their cooking philosophy. In Bordoo they do their own baking, salting, smoking, pickling, drying and grilling. They even produce their own home made bread (Delicious!!!), butter (They serve bread with four different types of butter!!!),  sweets, chocolate (Chocolate variations prepared in 10 different ways!!!).

In Bordoo they use only seasonal fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wild plants-besides heath benefits, isn’t it an art to make culinary masterpieces of what nature is giving you at the moment?

The characters

Restaurant’s Chef Tõnis Siigur is very ambitious guy!

„I want to be awarded with a Michelin star – it has been always a dream. It’s not possible to achieve a Michelin star on your own, you need the whole team, starting with the owner and ending with the waiter, to desire it and work for it as hard as possible. And that is the way things are going on in my restaurant Bordoo. I always stay in the kitchen until the last customer is gone. Otherwise you’ll never get a Michelin star,“  he says.

The End or to be Continued?

Of course the second one. We liked this restaurant too much to miss the opportunity to visit it again. For example, for an afternoon tea which takes place in Bordoo or visiting romantic summer yard of Bordoo where we can enjoy lunch or dinner or just glass of wine…

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The Tree sisters building
The interior
The interior
The Afternoon Tea at Bordoo
Summer yard


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