Fashion is nothing without culture!

We have never understand those who think of fashion in the terms of consumerism as if fashion is a set of beautiful things one has to buy at the beginning of the season or on sale.

We state-Fashion is nothing without culture! Nothing! It is the way of looking at the life flow. In this sense fashion is close to art. Good taste, as many people think,  is not enough to understand fashion. You need to know the history. The history of clothing, art, film, and literature. You also need to understand the laws that determinate the way people’s mind in society changes. Feel incipient moods in the air and grasp the meaning. Be in the mainstream. Do not be afraid of fashion and start finding correlations between the art exhibitions, movie premiers and fashion tendencies. Different times, cultures, society moods are reflected in the fashion. We look at the clothes of the past and understand the present…If you learn it you start wearing clothes completely differently. You’ll learn how to build your own image according to the laws of art. And this will have the meaning. This is Fashion!



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