Five best pastry shops in Europe – Caffè Gilli, Florence

Stylish café with a fascinating atmosphere of it’s over two hundred years of history.

Impossible not to notice the tearoom entrance with it’s glass arch with the city’s most famous clock, counting minutes from over a hundred years. The tearoom maintains the cafe’s stile: each table, between columns and decorations, ensuring privacy and elegance with delicate peach colors.

Gilli’s has a varied and vast production: besides the exquisite pastry and the city’s creamiest cappuccino’s, it’s possible to take the best aperitives, find the finest whiskies and taste precious wines selected by it’s experienced sommeliers.

Gilli’s chocolate factory has much to offer, varying from different hot chocolates, to Sacher pies, chocolate covered fruits, pralined “cremini”,coffee beans and, just to mention, the irresistible florentine “Paillet d’or”.

It would be a pity to visit Florence without stopping to taste the specialties of chocolate producers with an experience of over two hundred years!!




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