Five best pastry shops in Europe – Ladurée Royale, Paris

Ladurée Royale, 16 rue Royale, Paris-Fashion has never tasted so good…

In addition to dainty macarons, coming in a limited-series gift-boxes, cakes, pastries, chocolates with aromatic herbs, teas, coffees, cocoa powders, candies, jellies and honey one can buy there a box of delicious books dressed as Ladurée macarons boxes, famous for their chic and elegant colors which gives menus, ideas and provides advice to “art de la table”, Ladurée Picnic accessories, Beauty Products, Romantic Candles, and Home Fragrances…

If you are not in Paris, you can enjoy the taste and the scent of Ladurée in


Ladurée at Harrods

Ladurée Burlington Arcade

Ladurée Cornhill

Ladurée Covent Garden


Ladurée Dublin


Ladurée Milan

Ladurée Milan at Excelsior


Ladurée Luxembourg


Ladurée Monaco


Ladurée Bon Génie

Ladurée Geneva

Ladurée Lausanne

Ladurée Zurich



The Eugénie Box


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