FlamandRose-Belgian café and interior boutique in St. Petersburg

FlamandRose-Belgian café and interior boutique in St. Petersburg


FlamandRose is a neo-baroque style interior boutique and the Franco-Belgian café under one roof. Café, furniture& accessories boutique, and garden are located in two, almost equal, halls. Luxury molding on the ceilings, huge crystal chandeliers in both halls, rich in decorative plaster…

“Outside room” of FlamandRose is an excellent way of expanding space and creating connection with nature.

But the main feature of the FlamandRose interior decoration is its constant change. New elements of décor appear after visitors purchase the ones which were standing there before.

About the Café

In addition to architectural monuments in all European cities one can find stylish and cozy cafés which represent the hospitality and atmosphere of these cities. Having been there once, you are absolutely sure that in many years you come back – warm yourself, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and order your favorite dish.

The bar, created by one of the famous masters of Provence, is adorned by the rarity coffee-machine VIBIEMME, which was making coffee in a Paris cafe “Brasserie La Rotonde” in Montparnasse (Montparnasse Boulevard, Building 105) for 23 years.

What is on the menu?

Would you like a cup of coffee? Here you are:

In FlamandRose they offer you the elite brand’s “Café Liegeois” coffee collection (some sorts are gathered in very limited amounts).

Do you prefer tea?

Then you will be offered the legendary French brand of plantation tea “INDAR”.

If you are the admirer of elite beer then you should know that FlamandRose has its collection of Belgian beers.

The real gem of their beer menu is pink ale ROUSE DE BRABANT (Rose de Brabant). This beer is brewed in Belgium at the brewery of John Martan N.V., founded in 1781. In the process of the beer preparation they use roasted malts, so the beer acquires a pinkish color. A subtle mixture of malt, bitter caramel, and sweet nuance gives the beer a delightful aroma and pungent rough taste.
Draught beer is sold only in the summer.

Wine card includes great selection of white wines, rose wines, red wines, sauternes, ports, champagnes, vodkas, whiskies, liqueurs, cognacs, armagnacs, calvadoses, rums, vermouths.

Belgian cuisine

Although Belgian cuisine is considerably influenced by French, it still has its own traditions and special features.

Some Belgian dishes have gained worldwide popularity and love. In this list we can’t leave unmentioned French fries, waffles, and chocolate.

The FlamandRose menu is represented by Mr Eric De Smile, Chef of restaurant “SAVAGE”(Ghent, Belgium).

For starters maestro included only the best of French and Belgium cuisine: the famous open pies with fillings, bûche mignon (small rolls with soft fillings), original salads, soups, classical and author’s desserts and, of course, the traditional Belgian delicacy – waffles. In FlamandRose they are prepared with honey, chocolate and berry puree.

For the late breakfast one can choose among European, French, Belgian, English, Flamand, and Provenceal one. All breakfasts include fresh juice.

GI are pleased that this lovely café located in the heart of the historic St. Petersburg, continues the tradition of “European cafes” that are so attractive to us…



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