From Dalí to Gala-Lancel Daligramme. Be the Muse or the Genius!

A print for the sophisticated Lancel Daligramme bags was created by Salvador Dalí in 70s. His wife Gala was the muse to inspire him.

Every letter is symbolic…

The S of Salvador, sworn to love, the secret l’amour fou

G-Gala the muse, the mythological almost divine woman, Gala as in Gaia primordial woman, alpha female

The D within the G-Gala encloses Dalí

The trinity: spirit, body and soul

The power of the sovereign-a gift of love: a castle for Gala

The surreal sea horse-a part of the brain plays an essential role in memory

Dalí the Genius, the D of desire

Gradiva- “she who moves forward”

Today,  40 years after the creation of the original bag, Lancel, together with the Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali, renewed the manufacturing of the Daligramme Collection and we can feel ourselves either the muses or the men of genius!




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