Gai Germnika-life on the screen

Gai Germanika is a very talented young Russian film director.

I love her movies and TV series. They are all about life, real life, without sugariness. They show the truth, but in such an attractive way! Well-known TV series “School” is in  the list of my favorite series, same as “Short course of happy life”.

This film shows the lives of four Russian women of our time: Sasha, Katya, Anya and Lyuba. The problems that exist in the life of every woman of today. Look around and you see them around!

Acting is just great! Germanika knows how to make people play believable. And when you watch her TV series, you become a witness to all what  is happening and going through all of their problems.

Photos are taken from the Official page of “Short course of happy life”.

Pleasant viewing!

Svetlana Khodchenkova
Svetlana Khodchenkova


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