Gallery: A Twist of Magic

Gallery: A Twist of Magic

Location / Design

If you do not know where Gallery is, it is hard to find. Nothing remarkable from the outside except the large number of luxury cars parked in front of it – usually indicating a venue of interest to the money crowd in Moscow. The interior can be divided into three areas: the sizable main dining  room, an adjacent lounge area and lastly a patio, open during the summer months. GI actually prefers the two latter ones since it offers far more privacy than the open dining area (which is however a great “vanity fair”).


The crowd is mixed: ranging from the long-legged beauty looking for a sponsor to the creative crowd, politicians as well as millionaires and billionaires to complement. The good thing is that (compared to some other venues in Moscow) the place has an elegant but laid-back attitude. What is absolutely great is to go to Gallery at 6am in the morning after a night of clubbing for a delicious breakfast, lounging on the patio and dreaming yourself into the coming day. Absolutely magic!


The menu is not particularly creative, ranging from traditional soups, salads and meat dishes all the way to the ubiquitous variety of (sushi) rolls – which have become a staple in almost every (quality) restaurant in Moscow. However, everything is well-prepared, nicely arranged and absolutely fresh. The bread (see breakfast) is totally yummy. The main courses are equally delicious and (appreciated!) lightly cooked and the portions generous without being overwhelming.


Honestly, GI during his visits did not study the wine list – there was simply too much beautiful distraction in the place. The teas are on the other hand “real”, meaning proper leaves, fresh mint for example, brought in a porcelain can sitting on its proper stove. A great plus in this period of Ronneveldt teabags!

Overall Value & Rating

GI loves the place, morning, day and night. It shows the best of Moscow without the exaggerated flashiness and tacky “wanna-be-ism” so prevalent at other venues. Seeing the gorgeous creatures from Soho Rooms, Rai, Kreshamira arrive their for a leisurely breakfast is a clear must. Hope it lasts for a while longer!


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