German cuisine in St. Petersburg

Geographical closeness of  Germany and the Baltic Provinces with German civilization, marriages between the Imperial family and German dynasties, made Germany’s cultural influence especially potent.

To feel this German spirit in the restaurant context, GIs visited several restaurants…And what we found out:


Located in Courtyard St. Petersburg Center West/Pushkin Hotel by Mariott this classic beer restaurant offers home made beer with some traditional German dishes while watching sports events on the big screen.


This bar and restaurant is  the largest Bavarian brewery in the city. GIs loved its cosy wood line interior. No wonder, that Paulaner is one of the most visited restaurants in the city due to its festive atmosphere with live music, freshly brewed famous Paulaner Weissbier (wheaten beer), brewed in accordance with ancient Bavarian tradition, and excellent Bavariant cuisine. Das ist sehr gut!

Schwabski Domik

The restaurant’s pride is an elite old beer “Alpirsbacher”, Chef from Germany, and the widest in the city selection of German sausages!

Schwabski Domik


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