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You should definitely read Thomas Mann’s works if you haven’t done it yet. I can read them anytime and every time as a first time. Thomas Mann is one of my favorite writers, and I really appreciate his works. I admire his language, a rich palette of emotions and images that surround them. I’m surprised by his detailed description of the world. In our time, the authors write their books in a hurry, donate images and pages – they are concise, accurate, purposeful, cynical and laconic. This is our modern world.
Classic allows us to look at a completely different, a measured, unhurried world of the past.

If you like surreal and witty humor, and if you are not afraid of a little challenge, I think there’s a pretty good chance you will love the novels of Boris Vian, who was a legendary figure in Paris in the post-war years

I also sincerely admire Kafka. Recently I was very much impressed by his story “The Village Schoolmaster” (“The Giant Mole”) –it has humor and logic in one, the way I like it.

And our favorite Russian author is Andrei Platonov-only he can bring so brilliantly an idea to the absurd.

Enjoy reading!


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