“Gulf stream” restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia

“Gulf stream” is a big out-of-town restaurant  located in the village Komarovo, a picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg. The restaurant building reminded us  a comfortable villa with a gazebo, a terrace, a lighthouse and the beautiful views of the Gulf of Finland.

The interior of the “Gulf stream” continues the ‘sea’ theme. It is decorated in English style, with the hints of the classic pub design.

The restaurant  includes  120 seating places, banquet lounge, Admiral VIP-lounge, and “Polundra” bar (“Cigar room”), lobby-bar and Neptun cafe.

The restaurant offers Russian-European cuisine and attracts respectable public including guests of the Neptun hotel.

In the luxury interiors surrounded by the high-class copies of Old Dutch paintings, it is a pleasure to do justice to the Italian, French and Russian delicacies. Many people will enjoy the black tiger prawns with rice, roasted on the grill with sweet and sour orange sauce, marinaded duck breast (served with pears soaked in wine), fricassee of rabbit with vegetables and cream sauce, the cult Imperial dish „sterlet with champagne“ and so on. If the weather permits, you can go out and smoke on the open veranda and sit on the bench with a bronze Mikhail Zhvanetsky.





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