Higher and higher!

New Ginza Project’s restaurant Sixty is unique primarily for its location: the view from the 62nd floor of the tower “Federation” will not leave anyone indifferent. At the moment Sixty is the highest restaurant in Europe! Hustle and bustle city remains far below, and you are sitting somewhere under Moscow’s light sky, enjoying sunrises and sunsets, watching the clouds and-what is the most fascinating-the night starry sky.

Design, corporate identity and interior of the restaurant were designed by Yuna Megre. She managed to make luxury interior cozy, earthly, cosmic, actual, and nostalgic. Employees’ uniform is designed by one of the most fashionable Russian designers – Alena Akhmadulina.

What about the name? Why Sixty? Is it because of the 62nd floor?

Sixty – is actually our nostalgia for the fashionable, reckless, stylish and crazy 60s!

Restaurant guests will always find the most delicious food and the best parties! The motto of the restaurant is best for the best!

Breakfasts, business lunches, romantic dinners, hot parties – Sixty is promised to become the best place for any kind of  meeting and event.

Ginza Project partner in the restaurant is Quintessentially – the leading luxury Private Members’ Club with a 24 hour global concierge service.





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