Hookah smoking in Southern Florida

As written in many of our previous posts we very much enjoy smoking hookah in an elegant, laid-back and comfortable setting.

Smoking shisha is simply very relaxing. The health aspects of it are discussed by many representatives of the medical profession. Like many fun things in life it is obviously not entirely „risk-free“. However, one should note that there are even nicotine-free mixes – which still allow for a good smoke 💨)).

Yet governments around the world now use Covid as a pretext to fight hookah smoking at every corner. In Russia new laws against it are pushed. In Turkey it is already completely banned.

The current status in Southern Florida is summarized hereafter:

  • PalmBeach County: They can reopen at half-capacity on Oct. 5.
  • Broward County: They are allowed to open. Retail sales of cigars can continue.
  • Dade County: Closed until further notice.

We did not read through all the executive orders in this regard as they change all the time, but this looks like the status.

In Turkey we experienced the “prohibition” effect of these measures. Smoking continues hidden in the back-rooms or on terraces (which cannot be accessed easily). “Inspectors” are either paid-off or venues are just tipped-off in advance by “friendly” contacts.

The narrative: smoking is dangerous, as is alcohol – and certainly red meat, butter, whipped cream, etc.!! Coffee may be put on that list soon, too.

Here are what the latest Miami Dade executive order says:

“The  restaurant industry has experienced a 15 percent reduction in sales in March 2020, a 48 percent reduction in sales in April 2020, a 65 percent reduction in May 2020 and a 54 percent reduction in June 2020, as compared to January 2020 sales.”

It does not mention the last three months! Disney has laid-off 28.500 today!!

Many local players in entertainment beg the gov to let them „feed their families“ – the most outspoken: @theromanjones. He is an iconoclast anyway, which is totally cool 😎!!

Smoking a waterpipe should remain part of that option!!


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