Historical Hotel Sovietsky

Location & Check-In

Now that is an interesting place. Used to be the former guest house for international delegations, built by Stalin himself. Still lives that tradition with a portrait of him dominating the stair case.


The rooms are spacious, with very high ceilings. The furniture is essentially “antique”, but given when the place was built could also be considered simply as “old”. Bathrooms are partly modernized


The typical Russian food at the hotel restaurant Yar is probably among the best traditional local fare you can get. The breakfast with blini, kasha is equally good


The hotel has its tradition and sticks to it. So do not expect any modernistic amenities. The spa/pool area that’s supposed to be there is currently closed down (for quite a while as it seems). Arguably, a new one is being built.

Overall Value & Rating

The hotel is really a fun place if you plan to stay for 2-3 days and like to remember the glorious days of the USSR – including the soviet (which is today the Russian) anthem being broadcast on the hotel corridors at 8am in the morning! For a longer stay it lacks comfort and is also a bit off the historical Moscow city center.





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