Indian restaurant Masala in Tallinn

Indian restaurant Masala in Tallinn

Over the last couple of years the once bland Tallinn restaurant scene has enjoyed a much needed influx of decent Indian restaurants.

The latest to join the team is Masala, a small, elegant venue in the heart of downtown area, right next to the Radisson Blu Hotel. It calls itself a “restaurant and lounge”, and while there is indeed one room dedicated to each label, both seem tranquil and dining-oriented.

There’s a definite air of authenticity here – the owner is Indian, the chef is Nepalese and the menu has Punjabi leanings.  Along with the curries and masalas to offer, there are some fairly exotic choices like kadai octopus and duck in hot garlic sauce. There’s also a respectable selection of vegetarian dishes, freshly-made naans and even thali-based lunch specials.

GI visited the restaurant once – the only thing that might be disappointing is the inattentive/slow service…


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