What? Riccardo Murelli exhibition “Introspection” (“Introspettica”). The exhibition will be composed of oil papers, a series of engravings of medium and large format, stainless steel sculptures and a site-specific project specially built on the spot in Siberian larch wood.

When? December 15, 2011 –January 21, 2012

Where? RuArts Gallery, Moscow

GI comment: For GI Murelli is the most interesting figure in Italian contemporary art. The artist examines the problem of interaction and confrontation scales – macro and micro, the nature of the spaces – private and public. Sculptor and philosopher names among his first teachers the Italian sculptor, creator of Futurism, Umberto Boccioni and the Russian Constructivists. The work of such avant-garde artists as Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko gave Murelli an understanding of the importance of interaction his works of art with its surrounding space. Works of Riccardo Murelli are represented at art galleries in Italy, Holland, China, private collections in Europe and the USA.




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