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Felix Yusupov was born in Saint Petersburg, capital of the Russian Empire. His family were of Tatar origin and very wealthy (there was a time when Felix Yusupov was the richest man in Russia). Yusupov is also best known for participating in the murder of Grigori Rasputin.

His wife Princess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia was the only niece of Tsar Nicholas II.

In 1924 they founded a couture house Irfé in Paris that ha a short life till 1931.

Being a very beautiful woman with a sense of taste and style, Irina became the face of the house.

More then 80 years later the couture house has opened its doors again. The house owner and designer is Olga Sorokina.

Despite its past Irfe collections are very contemporary with some tsar Russian features. As if the house has never stopped  its activity during those 80 years but constantly developed.


Irfe red carpet collection 2012
Olga Sorokina
Irfe boutique in Paris
Irfe corner opening at Tsum


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