It is all about apple strudel (apfelstrudel)

If you want to prepare a traditional apple strudel according to old Viennese recipe then there are few secrets you should know. First of all-use olive oil, it makes the strudel more delicate and, secondly, besides the cinnamon and vanilla, add the rum and crushed walnuts in the apple filing. And here comes the main secret-for making real old Viennese strudel dip the apples in the sour cream or whipping cream before putting them in the pastry. It makes the strudel so tasty and delicate!

It doesn’t matter if it served warm or cold, apple strudel is always appreciated. For example, in Moscow strudel is often served hot with a little vanilla ice cream, in Vienna-cold. It is the matter of taste. You can also serve it with whipped cream.

Strudel with apricots or cherries is considered more sophisticated although in the whole world apple strudel is more preferred and popular.




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