Joia Beach – An Emerging Superstar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 44/50

It is new, cool & very pretty – and it is what Miami needed: a stylish beach club plus restaurant. @Joiabeach has the potential to become an instant classic and one of the hottest destinations in town.

With @nikkibeachmiami struggling to live up to its image and former glory at its original location here in Miami there was a void to fill.

Being the brainchild of @chrispaciello (one of the legends of Miami nightlife) and Mio Danilovic (@mio78) it is on track to bring back the energy & vibe of the famous Joia restaurant in a secluded, oasis-like setting.

Atmosphere: dropping your car off at the valet you enter through a long pathway framed with plants 🌱 & 🌴. The private pristinely white beach 🏖 frames a large Polynesian-style roof covering about 25 tables plus another 15 or so right on the sand. Rustic Indonesian furniture sets the tone for the interior. Pretty view towards the Venetian and (parts of) the Edgewater skyline. 9/10.

Crowd: you should check yourself – but last Saturday absolutely top notch (both on the female and – as my girl @Stacy.Schauerte confirmed – on the male side). Amazing vibe & crowd, hence a rare 10/10.

Food: the kitchen is essentially an open grill and seems a little makeshift but the output are very tasty, Mediterranean-inspired food items. Good hummous tsatsiki with freshly-baked pita. Grilled octopus on a delicious lentil sauce, tiger prawns also decent. Baklava dessert with pistachio ice cream (only option) pleasant, too. 8/10

Drinks: they have Moet Ice & Veuverich!! Big plus!!! Large, creative cocktail selection, many beer & large bottle options – fueling the feel-good factor. Demisec makes it a clear 9/10. If they add Coke Zero to the menu = 10!!!

Service: a little improvised as we changed tables but afterwards up to high standards. A slight wait for the check as out waitress got sidetracked taking photos of the many patrons looking to get a perfect pic of the sunset 🌇(actually very nice of her 😀😀) 8/10


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