Kerrie Luft – Brit designer creates amazing shoes

Kerrie was born in London suburb Luton that is famous for hats manufacturing. Karrie’s mother worked on one of the hat factories and taught her daughter to sew.

But from the very beginning Kerrie was interested only in shoes making. Beautiful shoes became the real attention object to her.

During her studies Kerrie spent her leisure time in Northampton Museum of Shoes while she was working on probation at Lulu Guinness and Patrick Cox.

The ideas for her debut collection the designer got in Paris: “I was amazed that iron castings can be so light-some and elegant, especially in the art nouveau mansions finishing and metro entrances”.

This is the brief story of how constructive titanium heels appeared on Kerrie Luft’s suede shoes.

Every pair of shoes has its own name – for example, Alaia, Céline, Stella – in honor of the designer’s fashion preferences.




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