Lavender luxurious relaxation

In summer time I love mint and citrus scents-they are refreshing and cooling. But at the moment I feel passion for lavender. Lavender is gentle, classic, soothing & calming.

Here is the list of the organic products which will help you to create a relaxing atmosphere and provides you a peaceful night’s sleep.

1. Weleda  Lavender Creamy Body Wash. This relaxing body wash cleanses the skin whilst gently calming the senses with the soothing and aroma therapeutic benefits of pure lavender essential oil.

2. Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk . A long soak in Weleda Lavender Bath Milk is the ideal therapy for mental exhaustion, over-stimulation and restlessness. Its harmonizing action soothes body and mind, reducing tension and easing restlessness. A long fragrant soak in the evening, before bed, will help promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil. Soothes the senses, calms the skin and helps unwind tension. Extracts of organic lavender mixes with organic sesame oil and sweet almond oil.

4. Dr.Hauschka Lavender Bath. It imparts soothing warmth to the skin, relaxing the body, easing the mind, calming skin sensitivities and visibly reducing redness. Perfect for the bath, a foot bath or in a rinse basin with cleansing water.

5. Balm Balm organic Lavender Perfume.

Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, BalmBalm


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