Le Labo perfumes

Each of the Le Labo perfumes is built around a primary natural essence that comes directly from Grasse, France’s “perfume capital”. Bergamot, Rose, Vetiver, Neroli, Orange blossom, Patchouli, Iris, Ambrette, Jasmine, Labdanum, Agarwood and Sandalwood, each of these essences form the base of a composition.

The names of the perfumes provide a valuable clue on how they are formulated. Based on the codes that perfumers use to identify their perfume trials, the perfumes are named after their principal essence and the number of ingredients combined to make them.

An example: FLEUR d’ORANGER 27 indicates that the perfume is made up of a total of 27 ingredients, with the natural orange blossom from Grasse as its principal essence.

Describing our perfumes in words seems to be an absolute must and totally useless at the same time… On a street in New York City’s Chelsea, a sign was recently posted that spelled out in capital letters: “EXPLAINING KILLS ART”. You could say exactly the same thing about perfume. Above all, you have to smell and feel it…. Choosing your perfume by reading an olfactory description is like asking for someone’s resume before falling in love… But until the Internet allows us to smell online, we have found nothing better than words to “explain” our scents…





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